wahh i sat on my hair straightener-Snapchat Offers Freedom To Users To View Ads According To Their Choice

Get ready to see the ads in the Snapchat that is the new thing offered to the Snapchat users. The

company has announced that the app will be having ads of different brands. These ads will be

present in the news feed section of the app. This is the area where one can see the inbox and the

other stories of the Snapchat. The ads will have more than one snap in the form of thread. There

might be even interesting videos that will be a part of advertising in the Snapchat.

The advent of ads in Snapchat

The users are put in the space of Snapchat. The users have full advantage to not to see any ad if

one wishes to. But the people who are using the app have a look on the interesting ads. They are

rarely exciting and fun. The brands that are advertising in Snapchat are designing the ads in a

way that will appeal the users first and they get interest to see the entire ad. The ads will remain

in the inbox till 24 hours. After that the das will get disappeared and you will not be able to view

it. This is much like the disappearance of the photos for the receiver’s mobile handset. The ads

will be there and the users have no control on the incoming of the ads but one can chose the

viewing.Wahh I Sat On My Hair StraightenerWahh I Sat On My Hair Straightener

Fun, crisp and exciting ads

Advertising in Snapchat is not like the common medium of advertising and involves much more

simplicity and fun. The ads are made not to pacify the brand owners but to satisfy the user needs.

The uses are not forced to see the ads. The ad makers have the responsibility to create ads that

will be appealing to the user. The content and crafting of the ad should be such that the first look

and the title itself provoke interest in the minds of the users. This is only the initial task and the

later challenge is quiet difficult for ad makers.

Snapchat is different

In Facebook the ads just pop up anywhere and that becomes very frustrating for the uses. Some

users in spite of liking a brand get irritated with the interruption. But in case of Snapchat, the

users are getting the freedom of not seeing a particular ad that they do not like. The fate of the

ads thus depends upon the wish of the user. The ad remains only for 24 hours and thus the next

challenge is to create something that will create impact on the mind of the readers within a very

short time. The ad will only be seen more than once if it is interesting. The idea is to create the

impact on the first viewing and that is the greatest challenge on the part of ad makers. Thus

Snapchat offers in providing ads from other social networking sites.

Ads are always ads. It is most f the time neglected. When ad comes between shows in the TV

you just move off to the next channel or do some their work in the time the ad is going on. It

happens very few times that you are surfing channels and you stop at a channel only to see the

ad. But the ads in Snapchat have that quality.

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