Very Pretty Very very pretty-Teens should be beware of sexting on snapchat

Do you know or do you have any idea about what your ids are doing with snapchat? This app

spares the teens and the young adults with the opportunity to share their photos with their friends

and with their close ones. This mobile application was made by two Stanford university students

who felt that smileys are not enough to sooth someone in the state of pain. So they invented an

application that will capture your present moments and send them to the recipient but unlike

other similar applications, the photos will not stayed permanently on the device of the recipient

rather they will be deleted automatically as there will be time ser beforehand by the sender.

Sexting has become a common thing:

Since the application has this feature enabled, young people feel that it is quite safe to send their

pictures over to the recipients. Most of the users have converted it into a mobile application for

sexting. More than other apps this app is used for sexting. And for that reason it has endangered

the privacy of the teens around the world. This app was built for the adults but teens and kids are

taking the full advantages of it. Young girls and boys think that since all the photos are going to

be deleted within 10 seconds, there is no lurking danger for them. But what they do not know

is that there are chances of the photos to be recovered by the experts. In an interview, the head

of the application has already confessed that there is a possibility that the images might not be

deleted permanently and will be recovered by someone expert in the field. It has been commonly

thought that when a photo is set via the app, will get vanished in the cloud of the world of web.

But recently a study on this has revealed that those already vanished messages can be retrieved

later.Very pretty baaaarVery Pretty Very very pretty baaaar and hair. Do i look like a deer. Christmas dear is coming to you!

Surveys revealed some unknown facts:

In a survey of 2009, young girls of 14 to 19 years old have confessed that they have sent a naked

picture of themselves through the app. It is quite clear that sexting is more of a common issue

among young adults and teen. They feel it is quite normal at their age to do sexting. Turning

of leaked photos hot cake is a common issue. Even a research has claimed that they have

discovered a fact lately that if a recipient does not view the message then the message can

message can stay for an even longer a time on the server, maybe for 30 days at a stretch. Sexy

pictures and photos are sent through this platform regularly.

Teens must be very careful about their sexting through the app. Those who use smartphones

must know this that all smartphones have the option for screen shots enabled. And in such cases

the sender may not be informed about the incident. The photos can fall into wrong hands. Hot

and sexy pictures go very easily viral on their being leaked.

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