Snapchat Photos Getting Leaked Affects The Life Of Minors-very keen shows what is and how to snapchat

If you are one of those Snapchat users who love to send pictures to your friends and closed ones

you need to think it twice. The pictures that you don’t want your mom to see are sent by you

to your friend through Snap chat. You have chosen the app as this app do not lets the image to

remain and it soon disappears after few seconds. But it is proven that you are snapped. There are

reports that 13GB of images sent through this app from at least 10 thousand accounts have been

leaked. Thus the snapping that you have done might in the last few days might have got leaked.

The leaking has reached to the web that has made its audience the global viewers.

Third party involvement

It is said that the third party of the app has been collecting images for a year and they are the

ones who have spread the images in different websites of the web. The users do not have the

knowledge that their images are being saved by the parties. Thus the situation of pictures getting

leaked is arising. Some are stating that the leaking is fake and done by the users to whom the

photos have been sent. The company of the snap chat does not believe that there is any fault in

their own system and the leaking is done through some unknown sources who are taking undue

advantages of the trust of the message senders. It is also thought partners who are sharing the

intimate and nude photos through snap chat are the real reason. They are betraying the trust and

letting the pictures to go viral for sheer enjoyment and money sometimes.
Very Keen Shows What Is And How To SnapchatVery Keen Shows What Is And How To Snapchat

The leaking of photos

The company of the Snapchat states that they are not taking responsibility of any leakage as

they are not responsible if any third party is using the technology in a wrong way. There are

many online forums in which the leaked photos are present. One of the forums is Snapchat

Leaked. The leaked photos here in this website are categorized in and one might get surprised

to see one of their intimate photos in the website of Snapchat Leaked. If you search the website

you can find out the photo in the website very easily for the well categorization.

Illicit photos shared among minor

It is seen that most f the photos that has been leaked through Snap chat has nude pictures of

teenage boys and girls. Reports states that teenage involves a lot in this sharing of nude images

for the sake of fun. Thus this is the generation, whose image is being hampered by the leaking of

photos through the controversial app. The private pictures that they share between themselves are

leaked by the third parties. This is the main concern as minors are getting involved in this leaking

of nude photos in the web.

Leaking of photos is not new but the involvement of minors is a serious problem that is the

concern of the authorities. There are questions on Snap chat’s deceptive conduct that promises

the disappearance of photos but actually they are not able to do so.

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