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Snapchat threatened by hackers: Hundreds of thousands of photos leaked

Similar to the idea of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Hike, snapchat too had

hoped to make a name for itself in today’s world which is majorly governed by latest digital

technologies by introducing the unique concept of “disappearing pictures”, which basically

means that whoever uses the application is guaranteed that after he/she receives and views a

picture through this app, the picture will permanently erase itself after a certain period of time

automatically. Moreover, once a photo self-destructs, there would be no way to trace back to it

in any way or restore it. However it seems snapchat is still in its amateur stage when it comes to

providing its users enough security so that they can deliver on their promise.

Hackers point out lack of security

It took only a group of hackers to expose the main flaw in the central system of the application.

While the app promised its users that the photos they send each other via the app will be as safe

as can be due to the extremely useful feature of the photos disappearing without a trace, the

hackers have managed to prove them wrong. Downloading over 100,000 snapchat pictures that

were uploaded by numerous individuals who have recently joined the social app, the hackers

now hold the key to single-handedly destroy the very concept that the application was hoping to

cash in on. The hackers did not stop there. They claim that in addition to the stolen pictures, they

also have the name of the individuals from whose phones they have downloaded the pictures as

well as their contact info. And they are threatening the app to upgrade their security firewall, else

they go public with the information they have as well as display the snapchat pictures through

a database created by them. As to how they managed to download the pictures in the first place,

it is all thanks to the users of the app who used software called Snapsaved to store some of the

pictures onto their devices directly from the app before they started to destroy themselves. If

this was not enough, to add more insult, the hackers have gone forward to award a name to this

whole fiasco – Snappening!
Veeting My TashhhhVeeting My Tashhhh

Snapchat drowning in controversy

It seems like snapchat has not had the time to breath what with facing one controversy after the

next. The application had barely set foot in the market and it was judged for not giving itself up

to the ownership offer from the lord of social apps – Facebook, next came a lawsuit from one of

the former partners of the creators of the app and now this. While it has been surviving every

obstacle till now, the latest one seems to be a mountain it is going to have a really difficult time

getting around of. The only ray of sunshine in this entire mess is the fact that the hackers have

not released the photos and just threatened to do so. The quicker it manages to mend the loops in

its security system the greater its chances of putting the entire thing behind and get back in the

race of becoming a successful messaging app.

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