vargamark11-Stories and Geofilters are here to beguile you in Snap World

Nearly 18% social media users of US also use Snapchat and approximately 25% of the smart

phone users have installed the app into their phone. And 32% of its users are teenagers and this

fact is the proof that Snapchat is specially liked by the young generation of this era. And this

proves that the app must be amusing and provide unlimited exuberance.

Geofilter is here to tell your friends about your location

From different aspects Snapchat is all about fun, it is the pure and effective source of

entertainment, the users are engrossed in its amazing features throughout the day and Snapchat

is regularly trying and launching new, unique features to captivate the mind of the users.

Through the geofilters you can easily tell your friends about your location without typing your

location details, instead of you those geofilters will notify friends your current location, is not

this unique? Actually it is nothing but a overlay upon the taken pictures. This feature was added

to the app after few days of launching, and is applicable for special places. The only drawback of

the feature is that it is not applicable for all places, but it is hoped soon this issue will be solved

and regardless the importance of the location those location will be spotted through geofilters.

And the developers of the app always encourage the artists and painters to create amazing,

unique style through this tool. If the images are unique, they will be approved by the Snapchat

team and after that can be used by other users as well.
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How Stories feature work and how does it create fun?

Have you attended any match or any special events like music carnival or kite festival, circulate

the images or short clips of the video among your friends through its Stories feature. Snapchat

allows you to done it in more professional way, take the clips of the events and send it to

Snapchat and they will publish the most attractive parts after adjoining them as a short Story of

the event. Your clips can be the manifest of the event; Snapchat has modified and bettered the

idea of image albums, though you can say that such feature was already available in few other

apps, but Snapchat is the foremost one who has introduced this feature into the app world and

that is the specialty. No other social media app has ever attempted to circulate or manifest your

daily events or attended events in such an interesting way. Those people who are interested to

know about the happenings of your life can easily watch it by visiting into the Stories page that is

located under the Recent updates options. They can also jump into your next stories easily by

tapping the finger into the screen.

The list does not end here, in fact it is quite long; you have to install the app to explore its unique

features and surely they will enthrall you as well and that is the ultimate desire of the developers.

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