@vale3033-Snapchat will lead the path of the future messaging apps

Do you know about it that snapchat is going to have a deal worth of $19 billion? Yes it is true.

At the beginning those who have heard the news, could not believe in their ears but as the time

passes they come to the realization that the news is completely true. Okay let us begin with the

beginning. It all starts a few weeks back when a very close person to Evan Spielgel told the

reporters tat Evan is going to sign a deal of the worth of $19 billion, reporters grab the chance

and they started to throwing questions at him. After the arrival of the CEO of the company

managed to avoid the arrows of the question and he kept denying the news.

Reasons why the app is dealing such a big revenue:

But the reporters are far away from forgetting the matter and they move forward with their

inquiry. On further inquiry, they come to know that it is true that there is something going on like

this. The company for the app snapchat is going to finalize a deal of the same amount. Thought

the exact amount of the deal is still I the shade of dark, still we are hoping for to best. We hope that the whole matter will turn out to be a truth at the end of the day. The app snapchat has

given us so many precious moments with our near and dear ones. We are seriously very helpful

to the app. the app has recently launched their all new feature, Discover. And inclusion of the

feature on the app shot the fame of it and raised the price of the deal with the app as well. It is undoubtedly the golden opportunity for the app maker and developer for the app. so it will not be a matter of unjust to have a deal of such a great price. The quality always matter a lot. And so the app becomes so able to claim the amount.

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The app is a very useful for all:

There are so many apps in the market. Some are social networking media to share everything

with friends and some are like this one, only messaging app. the uniqueness of the app lies in that it is an ephemeral messaging app which clicks and shares photos but it does not store them in

their server for a long time rather the pics will get deleted automatically on the fixed time. The

senders have to set a time for the pictures and then those ones will disappear after a few seconds.

This app is really a very helpful one for those who love to share each and every emotion with

their friends and close ones. Those ones have found it to be very useful one as the app enables

the ones who stay in a far away land from their homes. All those reasons are the behind of the

app’s success and we can here say that he app really deserve a deal of such a high price.

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