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Share snapchat photos with the women’s volleyball team and also chat with them

With the IT revolution, there emerged numerous software companies that engage in the design

and development of better quality applications at cost effective prices. In recent times there are a

number of companies in this field of website and app development. Consequently the

competition is immense and therefore enterprises have to adopt strategies, techniques to stay at

the top.

Significance of Snapchat in the modern world

In this regard, it needs to be said that Snapchat is an effective photo-sharing application that is

becoming popular with time. The app has certain features that make it unique among other

applications of its genre. It has a feature that allows users to store Snapchat photos in it and also

share them with users’ friends and families. But once a photo is seen then that photo is

automatically deleted from the app. Experts believe that this feature enhances the security of the

app and helps prevents stealing of important user data from it.

Reasons for adopting security features in the photo sharing app

In fact, such security feature was adopted after a recent debacle in which the millions of

Snapchat user accounts were hacked and important information about users were stolen. In this

debacle user pictures, especially nude photos were also stolen. The hackers made these

Snapchat photos available to the public domain focusing on the fact that the users of the app are

extremely vulnerable to security threats.

Considering these threats, the app developers of the company have redesigned the apps, included

certain features that make it superior in terms of security as compared to its previous versions.

Moreover, in this context, the privacy policy of the app has been revised. The company believes

that the occurrence of such a hacking debacle is solely because of the user’s callousness. And

therefore the company management emphasizes that the users need to go through the privacy

policy carefully.

Updated features boosted popularity of the app among users

But it is a fact that the company is being monitored by private agencies in recent times in order

to ensure that the users are not cheated or deceived. The company management on an occasion

acknowledged that the company is a new one and it is learning from its experience. However, as

compared to previous versions, the modern versions of this app are very much updated in terms

of features and functionalities. These applications are therefore very much popular among users,

including women’s volleyball players. Enthusiasts of this game can use the app to chat with the

players, message them and also can wish them success in their sporting endeavor.

Not just volleyball players, this app can serve as an effective and efficient means of

communication among players of other games, sports. Chronologically the company is

expanding its business. It has head offices in the Silicon valley of the US. Nowadays, the

services of this company maintain quality and therefore are the most sought after among users

worldwide. The company has a pool of qualified, dedicated and skilled professionals who use

their talent to augment the business productivity thereby boosting profits for the company. The

Snapchat has offices in other important countries apart from the US. It aims to diversify its

business activities, but in contemporary times, owing to the presence of a number of quality app

manufacturers the company has to face a tough competition.

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