Use of Snapchat and Corporate Working Culture by kineul

Who will not like funny MMS or an exciting photos and videos, which disappears as you view

them on your smart phones? This is possible only with the use of snapchat application. This is

the most popular mobile app among youngsters. This is same when comes to corporate

working culture, which is a happening place for the youngsters to grow with a company by

developing their skills and ability. However, an employee or an employer is becoming more

popular with the use of snapchat by promoting their own achievements and success within

their company staffs. These do go viral among other corporate companies, while seeing such

achievements and funny photos of corporate working culture.

Achievements by Employee and Use of Snapchat

The corporate companies are of global presence. Of course, their employees are connecting

with their own company website where they share with other staffs, who are working in other

region of this world. They may go online and chat or do communicate through e-mail from their

own company website apart from social media. However, when comes to a self-achievement,

these are now instantly communicated with the use of snapchat to the entire team or with the

other staffs. The photos and videos are instantly update and send from the spot where an

award or appreciation in reward for their work is taking place. This is a healthy practice to show

a team’s work or achievement to other staffs. Such photos of award and honor spread like

anything with the use of snapchat as instant photo messages. They use snapchat as a medium

to share exciting news to other staffs, which may not be present at the time of the function-

taking place. The HR of these companies does promote them with use of snapchat, as their

healthy practice for the promotion of staff welfare and about their company’s recognition to an

employee for their working abilities.

International Corporate Tour Go Viral with Snapcaht

Every corporate company does go for international tour. This may be for a selected staffs who

have achieved an incentive or a company sponsors him or her for their performance in work.

They do use snapchat as instant messaging of their tour photos. This will be amazing to look

when they enjoy the tour at various exotic places. Before, going online in any other social

media websites, they prefer snapchat as quick and instant delivery to their corporate circle or

their friends group.

Funny Corporate Working Photos and Videos on Snapchat

The corporate working is a happening place, where each company differs in their corporate

working culture. Many corporate companies are not very strict in working place and add humor

while working. The photos of sleeping of an employee may go viral within the company with a

snapchat. A funny incident inside the office may look amazing when shared through snapchat

app. The use of snapchat is very popular for the corporate funny videos before they are

uploading to other social media websites.

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