Ugly snapchat screenshot share waste galleries a remover app-Parents Be Warned Snapchat, Keek and Other Apps Becomes Too Private

A recent phenomenon had shown wide change in the taste of the online users who are

migrating from the traditional social media houses towards new media apps. The modern

users of younger generation are somewhat bored from ‘sharing’ content on social media giant

Facebook and exploring photos on the photo sharing application like the Instagram. Earlier

the social media market had saturated conversions wherein the shift took place only through

migration between social media giants like the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

More Options To Explore

A social media tracking company called SocialBakers had stated that around 1.7 million users

are abandoning the social media giants for the new race of social media apps like the

Instamgram, Kik, Vine, Snapchat and Keek.

Instagram allows the users to comment and like their favorite images just like the traditional

social media. Snapchat allows the users to send and share photos which get deleted within

few seconds. Vine and Keek gives a platform for broadcasting your videos to a large

audience in simple and easier way.Ugly Snapchat Screenshot Share Waste Galleries A Remover AppUgly Snapchat Screenshot Share Waste Galleries A Remover App I dont get this

Parents Should Start Looking After Their Kids in Modern Tech World

The interaction doesn’t always take place between two individuals but sometimes moves

towards a group as well. Sometimes the content uploaded by the users could be seen by

particular persons only or in other case the content is made publicly available. The privacy

policy and availability of social media content uploaded by the users vary from app to app.

But these are certainly not designed with kids or minors in mind. Hence it would be

appropriate for parents to keep the kids away from using these apps which possess little or no

parental controls or effective privacy setting like the traditional social media.

The Flaws in New Social Media

Snapchat: It is a free photo and video sharing app with a unique feature of self-destructing.

The content shared on the Snapchat gets deleted within few seconds after viewing. Snapchat

brings a quick and faster way of sending messages across without the trouble of removing

pictures after some time.

Dangers associated with the children using the Snapchat are numerous as well as horrifying.

Snapchat is being used for sexting not just by the adults but also by the kids. It doesn’t have

any parental controls and now it is has been found that the Snapchat are not deleted in reality

but it is buried deep within the devices memory. Watching videos on the YouTube could

make you aware how to extract those photos easily.

Vine and Keek: Both are free public-video sharing app. Users could easily take short videos

from their phone and upload it on the Vine as well share it on other social media platforms.

Vine gives an option for reporting the offensive videos.

A child using Vine or Keek might attract adults who will follow the child account, find out

the where the particular video was taken, via the location services. This app is found to be

hoarding quite a bit of porn, abuse is apparently present in most of the comments.

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