u snapchat freak life-Snapchat- the latest buzz everywhere

Snapchat has become synonym to the word “buzz”, whenever you will hear the word buzz

you can see that is sitting beside it. Yes, from the day of its introduction it is always in the

news. If you go through all the news that are published on this app, then you will find that

it has obtained negative publicity more than the positive one. Inspite of thousands of reports

of scams it is still now one of the most popular app and the app is mostly popular among

the teenagers of this era. Have you ever thought what the reason behind it is? What are the

special features of this app that is immensely helpful in drawing the attention of the users?

Reasons behind its popularity

Inspite of receiving huge waves of negative publicity it still now holds on its position,

hence it is easy to understand that there is something extraordinary attribute that help the

app to retain its position. The snapchat possesses multiple splendid features that increase

the standard of the app. When the app was first introduced it brought a revolution with it. If

you are not aware of the specialty of the app then you must have missed the world-shattering

creation of the era. It is a path-breaking app I the field of social media, and this is the ultimate

reason that put it forward from other conventional social sites.U Snapchat Freak LifeU Snapchat Freak Life

Features that makes it special

Let’s take a look over its features, whenever someone talks about its features he always

mention about its vanished photos at first. Yes, the photos which you share through the app

can be disappeared after a certain time, and cannot be recovered back as it does not allow

the memory to save the image. Yes, but there is also a con, if someone wishes to store the

photo he can do it by simply taking a screen shot. But within 5 seconds it is quite hard to

catch a screen shot, is not it? The other popular social sites do not allow you to overlay on

the taken images. But this app enables you to draw and add text and emoji. Through a single

app you can share your images, videos and also edit your snap. There is no need to install

another photo editing app to edit the images. So many features stuffed in a single app and by

accessing this app you can accomplish multiple tasks. The Time Filter feature enables you to

show the time when you capture the image. Even you can show the temperature of the place

where you have taken the images and even the speed filter allows the user to show the speed

of the vehicles in which you are moving at the time of capturing the image.

These features are enough to grab the attention of the beginners, who want to try this new

exciting app. The app is available in android phone as well as in iOS and windows phone.

Install the app now and explore a new world of fun.

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