Norwegian Public Radio For Attracting The Young Mass To News-trending files

The Norwagean public radio has introduced a new way to introduce broadcast news among the

mass. It is often seen that the teenagers are not interested in news. They often comments news

stories to be boring. Thus the radio news station has thought to produce the news in a more

interesting way

In a busy day

Nowadays everyone has a busy schedule. The teenagers after their school engage themselves in

part time works to earn money. The rest of the time they spend on surfing the social networking

sites to interact with friends. In this busy schedule they are unable to know about the important

facts of the recent stories of the current political and social system. The shortage of time of the

teenagers is thus an important factor that takes them away from the news items.

The boring quotient of the news

Teenagers even if they have time do not show interest in going through the boring texts and

monotonous speeches. The news items in the newspapers and TVs thus make them bored. They

do not have the necessity to turn to the news portals as whatever that is buzzing comes to the

news feed of the social networking sites. The reason why the social networking sites are such

a success is the easy viewing and smart depiction. The modern generation needs everything in

snippets. Thus if you have to tell them about the news you have to say it in a way that will be

understood by them.
Trending FilesTrending Files

Pictorial representation is interesting

A pictorial representation of promoting is a smart and precise way to define something easily.

It is proved that pictures create a greater impact in the minds of the people. Teenagers are thus

easily attracted towards the pictures. Snapchat is this used by the Norwagean public radio to

spread the news items. The text is embedded on the image to serve the purpose of spreading the

news in forms of embedded text on the images.

Use of Snapchat

The Image and files shared through the Snapchat take less space, as they are all in one place.

The time taken to send a photo is also less. Thus this medium is used to spread the news. As

there are many users of the app it becomes easy to reach a large number of users. The news items

are presented in a very interesting way through this app. Many times climate conditions, and

temperatures are known through the news feed send through Snapchat.

Radio gives no sense of images and viewing to listeners. But a single image on the mobiles of

users can increase the appeal of the news material. The news is reached and the radio station

is also getting promoted. The news and the medium both is thus sharing the popularity of the

app. This is considered as the new and unique way to let the world know about the news. The

initiative of the radio station is commendable. They have brought up this idea and thus their

unique news items are able to reach the mass in a faster way.

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