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Teenagers are the active users of Snapchat and thus share a large number of photos and videos.

It has been seen that many videos that have been shared by the snapchat app has been leaked.

200,000 teenagers approximately share photos and videos through Snap chat. It is reported that

the third party website is leaking these photos the web. It is often seen the app of Snapchat is

used o share private images that are not meant for public viewing. Many people use this app due

to the service it provides of disappearance of photos. But this app has reports that these photos

are not getting deleted. Many celebrity nude photos have also been uploaded through this app.


The app has gained such popularity solely because it has the service of deleting massages within

a speculated time set by the sender. But the work is only done apparently. The worse is that the

photo is going viral over the internet. Thus there are questions arising about the effectiveness of

the app.
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The snap saved

It is found out that a site named Snap save is there that stores the id and password of the user

and stores the photos sent. But they have claimed that they only store the photo and are no way

involved on the spread of the photos. But this is not believed as once the site is getting the id and

password of the user and is able to save it they can easily work in leaking the Snap chat photos

in the web. Many big names of several celebrities have got involved in this leaking process.

Many celebrities have found their nude images have been leaked by this app. The Federal

commission has questioned about the conduct of the app regarding the disappearance of the


The app officials say

The authorities of the app company have to say that they are not at all responsible if the photos

are not getting leaked. They have promised to delete the photos after a specific time from the

receiver’s mobile and that work is done. They have to say that technology is being misused by

third parties and there is no discreet in the part of the app. People before sending the private and

intimates moments to the partner have to make sure that the person they are sending the photo

is not misusing it. If someone has the intention to leak the photos it can be easily done with a

second even before the snap is deleted. Thus the users have to be more careful in their part.

There is a lot of buzz in the matter as it has been seen that most of the nude photos that have

been leaked are photos of minors. This is thing that is a matter of concern. The teenagers are the

ones who use this app and thus they are the ones whose privacy and image is being hampered.

The share of illicit messages is also high and that is proved again in this process of photos getting

leaked through Snap chat.

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