top rated-How Snapchat became popular?

For a year or more scandal is not leaving the path of Snapchat, whenever the developers have

attempted to set an untainted images, it has come up with another scandalous news. But the

surprising fact is that no matter how much stained it is its popularity is growing rapidly. And not

only the popularity of the app is growing but the revenue collection of the company is increasing

as well.

What is the selling point of Snapchat?

People have a mistaken belief about this app and the conception is that it is originated with the

purpose of sexting, even they cannot imagine a better use of this ephemeral messaging app and

soon after its introduction it is being used for sending inappropriate, unethical contents. But

another reason that works behind people’s growing inclination towards the app is its unique

feature of creating fleeting moments and distributing them. Images are not always meant to be

saved for cherishing in future, with the progress of technology now it is being used to share

every little moments of life. Now photos are not so important like it was before, now it is also a

media of communicating and a process of sharing every events of life. Hence the feature of this

ephemeral messaging app is considered to be appropriate in this modern age. Now who has the

time to save and recount the life event of other people, no one of us like to save the images of

other’s joyous moments but we like to share our own joyous moments with others, and from this

conception Snapchat was created, it allows you to distribute and show your life events to your

closed ones without becoming the subject of their irritation. With Snapchat the sole purpose of

sharing can be completed but without being the disturbance and that’s the base of its increasing

level of popularity.

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It has created new space for online advertisements

Now it has become one of the most powerful stages of placing advertisement especially for those

products that are popular among the teenagers as most of the users of this app are below 18.

Unlike the other social media app the developers of this app have created several ways of

advertising. Following the pattern of television commercials it has created a form of advertising

and the best part is that it is cheaper than the TV commercials hence it is expected by the

developers that through this form of advertising they can earn huge revenue at the end of the

year. The developers have never stopped introducing and attaching new features into this app,

and now the users are looking for its next announcement, whenever it has come with an

announcement it has obtained the space of newspapers for several days.

It has become one of the favorite hotspot for the investors and though impermanence is its selling

point but whatever has come across this platform has been able to leave its marks among the

mind of the users due to the unique way of representation.

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