top friends on snapchat – the app that saves snapchats-Snapchat tries to abduct the employees of Uber

According to recently published news at Forbes, Snapchat is attempting to recruit the employees

of Uber. Yes, this news can sound weird and of course unusual, but this is the reality. And the

fact is also admitted by one of the spokesperson of this social media app. Uber and Snapchat

both companies have earned mountains of money in last two years. But this news proves that

Snapchat is facing the issue of scarcity of skilled professionals in the company. And that’s why

they have come up with a new way of approaching the staffs of Uber and attracting them to join

Snapchat. Though there is no confirmation message has come from the Uber headquarter yet,

surprisingly the talking head of the company are silent in this matter, may be they are do not

want that such news circulate and hamper the work activity of the employees. Whatever the

reason is, several sources have confirmed the truthiness of the fact and moreover there are few

proofs as well that are enough to establish the truthiness of the news.

What are the experts saying upon the fact?

Nowadays it has become very tough for the companies to find the right engineer to handle the

work of the company and one of the best ways of hiring employees is to hire them who come by

referrals. Uber has reached to the extreme level of success that proves that the employees who

are involved with it are really skilled and moreover hardworking and the experts say that this

must be the reason that Snapchat have attempted to attract the employees of Uber. Though this

attempt was really unusual but not so surprising especially in this industry where the companies

are fighting for the knowledgeable staffs that can bring success to the company. Though the way

of approach is unique but you will be surprised to know that such conception of attracting other

company’s staffs is not at all new. Previously the companies attracted the staffs of other firms

with perks like free transportation, free lunches and lucrative salary package.

top friends on snapchat - the app that saves snapchats
top friends on snapchat – the app that saves snapchats

What are the exact efforts of Snapchat?

The related picture is significant and quite interesting, the picture shows that the Snapchat ghost

is riding a taxi with sad face that simply implies Snapchat is trying to say that the creativity and

talent of the engineers are being wasted by working in the Uber and that’s why they are unhappy

in their boring life. As per the source the workers who work in the head quarter of Uber that is in

San Francisco observed a new geolocation filter, they noted it while using Snapchat inside the

building. As per the source the filter was trying say is the place driving you mad, that is enough

to understand it well that “the place” is suggesting nothing but Uber, and that filter can be added

prior sending the ephemeral image to a friend.

Now the tech world is waiting eagerly to watch the reaction of Uber upon the incident.

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