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What is the story between Facebook and Snapchat?

If sources and news in the tech world are to true, then this will be the third attempt of facebook

to replicate the popularity of Snapchat. At first, Facebook tried to make an exactly similar app

like this app. When that did not work, facebook tried to buy this app company. It offer up to 3

billion United States Dollar in cash to acquire the company. However, the CEO and Co-Founder

turned the offer down, thereby bring him in news for turning down such a big offer. Now news

have come that facebook is trying to make replica of photo-messaging app to decrease the

popularity and wide usage of this app. It is the third attempt of facebook’s reaction towards the

growing buzz of this app.

tony0is0here chill and funny and make you smile

tony0is0here chill and funny and make you smile

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Why did Snapchat CEO turned down the offer of Facebook?

It was surprising news for the whole tech industry when Facebook tried to acquire the company.

However, it became bigger news when the CEO of SnapChat turned down the offer. The CEO

and Co-founder revealed it this year that he turned the offer down because he felt this app had

strength and will be a big thing in future. He believed that there was a weakness and this app

serves that purpose. As per him, very few people have the opportunity to do something which

he was doing, and leaving future opportunities for short term personal gain did not seem right to

him, and thus turning down the offer was the only option they could think of.

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