Hackers Put Explicit Images Of Snapchat Users On The Internet – Indicating Safety


Hackers are a known community in the internet underground who are motivated to exploit flaws

in a computer system for reasons like protest, challenge or profit. The community always shows

up the weak links in a computer program. Recently Snapchat found itself under accusations

of a probable security breach. However it was not for the first time that the application posed a

security threat to its users over the use of sharing of pictures and videos.

The Snapchat app is allegedly believed to be under the attack of hackers who hacked thousands

of explicit images passed on using the social app having found their way to the internet. The

hackers have threatened to upload more such pictures.

Snapchat is a widely used social messaging app popular amongst youngsters aged 13 to 17. It’s

a social photo messaging application that allows users to send or receive pictures and videos as

well as text messages. The important feature is it that the transmitted messages can be viewed by

the recipient only for few seconds before it deletes itself from the device.

The images that were uploaded on the internet had a download link on the message board. Even

though the download has been put down, the hackers have threatened to post more images.

According to report, hackers have pointed access to 13 gigabytes worth of pictures that has

intercepted over a number of years. The third party app behind Snapchat offering privacy

in sending and receiving photos and texts had already been warned of the potential security


The third-party app-snapsaved.com

Thousands of explicit images transmitted through the popular social messaging app, found their

way to the internet. The victims are believed to have been accessing the service via a third party

app instead of the official Snapchat app.

Since Snapchat pictures breathe only for few seconds; users are sometimes tempted to

use another app to save some photographs. Snapsaved.com agreed that its servers were

misconfigured. The site allows users to save the pictures without the knowledge of the sender.

Snapsaved immediately deleted its website and database as soon as the wave of photograph

leaked news citing security breach cropped up.

Clarifications from the officials from Snapchat

Snapchat has been under a lot of criticism for its security lapses when earlier at the start of the

year, more than 4.6 million usernames and their phone numbers were leaked. Other than that,

spam messages get sent from the user’s profile without his/her knowledge. Snapchat has highly

been criticized for its vulnerable find-friend feature. The feature could have allowed hackers to

find phone numbers behind a user name.

Snap chat in its defense denied allegations that enough security measures were not taken care

of. The company on its blog said “it implemented various safeguards to make it more difficult

to steal personal information of users. Snapchat plans to upgrade its app with a better secured


The security flaw in the popular photo messaging app indicated for more carefulness while

developing apps.

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