time for a free girl fight-Snap chat: an app for the youth of today

Snap chat is a social media app for all the youths of today who want to share their secrets with

friends but do not want those secrets to get revealed to anyone else. According to sources snap

chat invited many new users with its new features and applications. Bobby Murphy and Reggie

brown the inventors of the app took the popularity of this app to another height. Their approach

towards the invention of this app was so positive that users began to follow this app day and

night. They highlighted that feature of the app that everyone needs in their day to day life this is

the reason that their snap chat become all the more popular.

In spite of much of positive still there are many drawbacks of this event. Critics are criticizing

the snappening event and they are claiming it the fault of the company that users are facing such

threats. The photos and videos leaked by hackers seem to be the collection of them of years. It

means hackers are planning this activity since long. Hackers have been successful in their work

by a third party app which helped them in this hacking. This hacking was given due results with

this third party app which is used by users to store their photos which are otherwise temporary on

the app. Inventors now have invented the solution of this problem.Time For A Free Girl FightTime For A Free Girl Fight

This new snap chat app has come up with many advanced features. The rebirth of this app has

decreased the worries of the parents as this app now promises the high security of the children.

Makers invented this new app in spite of so much insult of their app and in spite of this apps

unacceptability they launched the app with a clause that they have now invented snap chat guide

for parents. This feature enables the parents to have a look at the positives and negatives of the

app and also allow parents to have an owl eye on their children.

Yes it’s true that hackers have hacked photos videos and numbers. And the hacked stuff

contains child pornography and of all the images hacked huge trove was child pornography. But

still this app does not lost its popularity among youth as today’s youth need something new big

and great something which is unique and this app serves them that stuff. This is the reason for its

popularity. As 90 percent of snap chat users were children of age group 13-17.


The snap chat app has shocked all in the world and the main reason for the shock was the new

and interesting features available in the app. The sexting, sharing of secret photos, give this app

the reason for its growing popularity, Deletion of photos after a specified time limit all these new

features attract many new users to the app and forces one to at least once but must give it a try.

This new improved app is now safe to use and is growing popular day by day.

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