Thong Snapchat secrets effects and names on windows phone

As Snapchat is free platform for users, many speculations have been doing the rounds for

sometime about how Snapchat will mint money in future.
AThong Snapchat Secrets Effects And Names On Windows PhoneThong Snapchat Secrets Effects And Names On Windows Phone

But first of all, why would advertisers will put money on Snapchat?

Various surveys have been conducted over a period of time about the trend among users

involving social networks. And the astounding result revealed that the future internet users or

more elaborately, the teenagers of today who are going to use internet full-fledged in future, are

not interested very much on conventional social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Rather

they are going all-out mobile. And in this respect, Snapchat comes first as its standing on the

crossroad of mobile and social. Plus- the teenagers of today just go gaga over taking selfies and

Snapchat being the cool photo-sharing app, should be the perfect choice of advertisers to put

their bet and money on it, to capture the largest segment of future consumers.

How video sharing can be monetized?

• First Snapchat needs to do an intensive research on its demographics.

• Advertisers can be enticed with premium features like- running more than 10 seconds ads

audio-visual snaps.

• Snapchat also can let it’s advertisers to build applications and run it on the Snapchat.


Though Evan Spiegel maintained that the number one priority for Snapchat is to reach new

heights in web scales and revenue comes later; there is no doubt that in future Snapchat would be

a hotspot for marketers.

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