SnapChatLeaked: A concept to involve world in your fun-This monkey’s gone to heaven

SnapChat from its advent has become viral as a sexting app. Lovers, friends, colleagues take

their intimate pictures& videos and share the Screenshot among each other. As contents are

deleted in less than 10 seconds, so people find this as nice venture for safeguarding their private life by still staying naughty.SnapChat is recently valued about $10 US billion amount from
investors, which is huge for a Los Angeles based start-up company. Managed by CEO Evan
Speigel, SnapChat is 3rd app product. So despite of all the controversies and Leakage they’re still standing tall & still growing bigger.

This monkeys gone to heaven

This monkeys gone to heaven


SnapChatScreenshot: Making Images Static & Permanent

We’ve resources to make SnapChat images permanent & retrieve them forever as memories.

There is some work around for this. We can save each images sent by other person as a

Screenshot before the image gets evaporated& share it sites like snapchatleaked to cherish

those moments later. This can be done either via notifying the user and taking his consent.

Another way is to take Screenshot of images without notifying the user by installing 3rd

apps. So, there is always a turnaround to get those images& make them as memories.


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