this is what i do at work lmfao-With so many great features snapchat is truly worthy of $19 billion deal

On eavesdropping of a teenager’s room or a private conversation of two or more young adults,

you will undoubtedly become acquainted with the name of Snapchat. It is not just an app it has

gained the honor and status of a verb in the dictionary. Let’s keep the jokes apart and move to the

serious issue. You must have been informed about the current breaking news about the app. The

app owner Evan Spiegel is going to finalize on the deal worth $19 billion or more. On thinking

more you will be certainly amazed the fact that it is an astounding figure for an app to worth a

deal of such a large amount.

A general overview on snap chat app:

There is nothing left more to say that this app has performed with greatly. Hence it has gained

the standard of best used app by the teenagers. Unlike many other apps of similar kinds, it

does not consist of complicated and technically hard features. On the contrary, though it has

some advanced features, it is far away from features complicated features. And this quality of

the app has made it to make the straight and direct way to the hearts of the young people. The

team engaged with the improvement of the application have said that the app is rightly and

justifiably claiming the deal worth of $19 billion. No app till date has been successful making

it to such a height. A standard has been set by the app snapchat. The basic features of the app

includes snapping numerously and messaging them to friends. The messages will be definitely

of ephemeral nature and will not stay for any longer a time than set by the users. They can stay

either for 1 second or by 10 seconds, the life expectancy of the images depend on the wish of the

sender. The same rule is applicable for the videos shared with others. Other brilliant features are

like drawings shared with loved ones and editing features provided by the app.This Is What I Do At Work LmfaoThis Is What I Do At Work Lmfao

It worth $19 billion for the latest added feature:

The app owner has exceeded the limitation of imagination and came out with even more

surprising. And that awesome feature is the app’s discovery feature. If you have not still any

knowledge about what is it then you are recommended as well as pleaded to experience it.

Maybe for inclusion of the feature, the app has become able to make it to the height today it is

standing on. In a recent press conference on asking, Evan has reportedly stated that it is not just

a goal to reach the worth of $19 billion rather it just a deal and a first step taken towards the goal

they have seen for the future to come.

Sum up:

All are undoubtedly waiting eagerly and quite anxiously to see what is going to come out of the

deal finally. The world is expecting the app to rule the world as it has reportedly going to sail its

flag of success with $19 billion.

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