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Snapchat Is Not A Great Marketing Tool For Studios

Snapchat is one of the mobile applications for making communication easy and smart.

It is primarily a photo messaging application, where ample facilities for photo editing are

Using snapchat users can take photos, edit photos, apply various colour shades, record

videos, add texts or messages and draw even. This they can send to end number of recipients

without any trouble. In spite of being such a useable tool, it cannot be used in studios.

Reasons Behind Snapchat For Not Being A User Friendly Application

Snap chat is not a great marketing tool for studios. In studio, bulk video or photographs need

to be edited. But this software does not support such huge files. It is only meant for small

files which can be stored and used from mobiles only. Another feature is that if by any means

any snap is deleted, you can never recover the data. Once it is lost, it will be lost.

It is more or less like an instant messaging service with several features of photograph editing

added to it. Whenever you are online a sign called ‘Here’ will appear on the screen. Chat

settings are designed in such a manner that messages will pop up like a bubble. But for

studios more photo editing features are required as the work is carried on bulk. Moreover for

studios work is done in instalments and it is saved. But with Snapchat you can never work

with photo editing in instalments. At one go you need to work and that also in small files.

Image retrieval system and storage claims are missing out from Snapchat.
This Is Snapchat And You Are On SnapchatleakedThis Is Snapchat And You Are On Snapchatleaked

Why it is not safe

Developers of this software have thought it is hacking safe. But some few times this software

has been hacked. For studios it acts negatively. Many secret files, photographs are privately

kept. Secrecy of the matter is prime concern for any company. When Snapchat cannot meet

up expectations of the people it cannot reach up to the mass. Hence mass appeal has not been

achieved by Snapchat.

It was mainly launched in the market with fast and fun way of communicating with photos

adds to it. Although that purpose has been served but many of the other attributes are missing.

Like securing privacy, storing large files, working on instalments, adding several other photo

editing features. Mainly because of unsecured privacy issue, it has been voted as unreliable

and many users are now-a-days reluctant in using this application.

Problems with people

People who are only into only messaging with little bit of photo sharing it works good for

them. But who wants to deal with video sharing and large files, then using Snap would be

risky for them.

Moreover it has been noticed that while chatting also several messages from here and there

pop up, which the user has not typed. It puts them into vulnerable situation to the other

person with whom they are chatting. To get relief from this awkward situation many times

users have to stop their chat at the mid of conversation.

All these above mentioned features have proved that Snapchat is not a great marketing tool

for studios.

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