this is snapchat 3-Undoubtedly the app snapchat deserves $19 billion revenue

Have you heard the news that snapchat is going to finalize a deal of $19 billion this year. If you

have not heard it yet, then know it by reading this article. Buzz has it that the app inventor and

owner or better to say the CEO is going to take a step towards the building up the future for the

application. Don’t be surprised now, for we can expect Evan Spielgel to deliver us with more

astounding things very soon. With this jaw dropping figure of money, the team engaged at the

service of the app has taken the whole world by surprise.

An outline on the app:

What is left more to say about the app. those who have used it including those who have not yet,

know all about the app very well. A momentary image sharing app that brings everyone closer.

Not only images rather dynamic captures can be shared as well. On the other hand, some

drawings can be shared. The features of the app are quite unique and they give pose for extreme

pleasure. The features of the app are completely different from other app of its similar kind. The

reason is simple, those are the apps that do not allow the consumers to share their exact emotion

at any particular moment. It will not be unfair to make a deal of such a high amount for a

smartphone app like this. The head of the app has already hinted towards the highest price

revenue. Now it is a matter of wait and see how much of it is true. On asking Spielgel or anyone

from their team about the authenticity of the heresy, they only comment that they were unable

for the moment to comment anything on something so sensitive.

this is snapchat

this is snapchat

A justified amount of revenue has been claimed:

The app snapchat is unlike other social networking sites. The features are planned a different

way. The latest feature that have been included recently is discovery feature. It is a unique

feature. And we must admit it gladly. The spokesperson of the company has further confirmed

on the rumor that this year in Los Angeles the businessmen of the company is going to finalize

the dream deal worth $19 billion. The latest feature has increased the value of the app. with using

the latest feature, discovery app users can stay forward. From breaking news to sports news, and

other pieces of news can easily now reach the global audiences. So it is completely justified to

pay the claimed sum for the dealing with the app.


The images sharing app is the pioneer of the new and bright future of social media and

messaging applications. All are living in the hope that supposed new and the proposed deal

amount will very soon turn out to be a truth setting a glaring example for the next generation

applications to come. The followers of the app are excited as the rumor broke out on the social

media sites. Cross the fingers and let’s hope for the best.

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