Agency Monitored of Snap chat Can Be Helpful in Delivering Better Service-This Is Not Pair Of Well Dressed Conjoined Twins

Hard days for Snap chat. The company is being monitored by government agencies like FTC or

Federal Trade Commission in anticipation of providing standard services to the users. During the

monitoring process the agency can access the company’s photos. There are numerous businesses

that are running successfully all across the world. Therefore, it is a bit bizarre to find that the popular messaging app making company is facing questions on its credentials.

The company, which showed the world how to make friends, is now being under strict

supervision. But some in the corporate world does feel that the company is facing such plight

primarily because of a certain section of its users. Though the authenticity of such deliberation has not been proved, but the company feels that it ought to have put in place certain mechanism to screen out certain sections of the users.
This Is Not Pair Of Well Dressed Conjoined TwinsThis Is Not Pair Of Well Dressed Conjoined Twins

But from another perspective such monitoring of businesses is a welcome move as because of

this, companies are more careful and cautious. Many of them even claim that they have revised

their privacy as well as user agreements, making them effective and in accordance with the laws

of the land.

As a positive outcome of the agreement that Snap chat had with the government agency, privacy

of users have now been prioritized. There are in place tougher data security measures. The

different loopholes of the system are being identified and appropriately handled. Though the

lapse in service provided by the company has to some extent tarnished the image of the business

entity, yet all efforts are being made on the part of the company

government not to repeat such fallacies in the future.

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