this guys said you had nice bo0bs-Positive Response from the Users for Snapchat’s New Services

Snapchat has a strong position among the top social networking apps. The app has a huge

popularity. Even this popularity of the app is getting increased day by day. In fact the app has

defeated almost all of its competitors by its popularity. And this popularity is only for its

usefulness. The features of this app are unique. And the new services of the app are much

updated. The app is mainly a picture sharing app. The users can share pictures, videos and

messages with the friends. For sharing a snap the users need to0 select time for this. This will be

the existing time of the snap. This time could be from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver will be

allowed to see the snap only for these selected seconds. After that the snap will be disappeared

automatically from the app. This disappearing feature of the app is very unique.

New services from Snapchat

Snapchat has started many new services. And for those services the app is getting enriched more.

The app has launched a new service named Discovery. This service has got a huge popularity

among the Snapchat users. Within a short period it has got a huge positive response. This

service mainly provides news, advertisement, article, story etc… The users can be updated with

the top news. Many famous news organizations have joined with this service. There is news on

every interest. So, the users can get the news of their own taste and purpose. The company has

said that many news organizations will join shortly. Another major feature of the service is the

advertisement. Many brands and business are providing advertisements in this app. For that the

users are getting updated by those advertisements. For that one can be updated with the

advertisements of his/ her favorite brands.
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Increasing popularity of Snapchat

From its very origin the app has got a huge popularity. The popularity of the app is getting

increased more with days. And this is for its usefulness, and its new services. This year the

number of total Snap chat users is more than 27 million. In the previous year this number was

14 million. This increasing popularity is enough to say about its usefulness. The main users of

the app are the teenagers. The young generation is more engage with this app.

The app is busy in updating its features and services. It has started many new services. The

Snapchat authority has said that they will start many new services for providing more facilities to

the users. Snapchat Discovery is very effective service. It has got a huge positive response from

the users. The users are very happy with the essential features of the service. The reason of the

increasing popularity of the app is its updating features and new services. For that the app is

getting updated more. The Snapchat authority is very much hopeful for their app. And thus the

app has defeated almost all of its competitors, and Snapchat has become the most popular app.

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