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Snap chat- the new direction for modern social media communication

Snapchat is one of the best smart phone communication applications of the current generation,

which have created a strong ripple along with its majestic appetence at the chest of 21st century

society. There are so many inventions, especially the technical ones which have not only

improved the daily lifestyle, but also have added lots of fun to the new age lifestyle. But

unfortunately, there are some certain inventions, what leave immense chances for the

complications to hurl the way of peaceful lifestyle. Though the maximum responsibility, one can

put on the human brain, which sometimes operates such good tools to meet their ill motives!!

The cell phone communication or the social media sites are one of them. The recent addition to

this list is snapchat communication, which is undoubtedly, the wow invention of this age, but on

the other is getting violated by a bunch of people and their ill mentalities have a look-

An introduction of the Snap chat

If you are not so aware of the snap chat communication, it’s the best time to wet your head with

some fruitful ideas about this app. snap chat is one of the best social networking sites, which

allows to send a picture or a certain video clip along with a text message to any high quality

smart phone. This makes a chat much more interesting as well as much more creative than of

any other ordinary one.

This app can also be counted amongst all those high profile applications that approve the

swiftness in technological growth in the modern age society. Basically, these pictures or the

video clips are technically termed as the snap shots. The term snap chat derives from this

particular concept of attaching snap shots to a particular text message. This is also, dependant on

the sender to set a stipulated span of time for the snap shot to flash on the tiny screen of cell

Lapse of security

Security is of course the central concern of while you use any newly invented application almost

as a novice. The same concern also goes hand in hand with the usages of this application. Since,

it allows you to send your picture or any recorded video clip to any of your friends or closed one,

which leaves the probability to leak that video or picture over the internet any moment. Though,

it’s in the hand of the sender to set the timing for the snap shot to appear on the mobile screen,

but sometimes, the recipient becomes able to download this through the help of any third party

apps and can leave this over the net. This may ruin someone’s privacy. If the picture is of any

private moments or explicit one, then the leakage of that bring bouts of complication in

someone’s life.

Summing up

Well to sum up, this the best conclusion to mention that, snap at is nothing but an apps which is

begot by the intellectuality of a bunch of human brains. So always a human’s power r sensibility

is far more intense than of the capacity of this mere app. the basic senses, education, ethical

knowledge etc may help a person t take any wrong step, which may destroy his or her future.

snap chat