things to know about snapchat -things to do in snapchat

Snapchat’s rapid popularity

Snapchat free app was devised with the motto to be shares but not to be saved. This app was

dubbed to be an app for selfies at the initial stages but with its penetration into the market as free

android app has brought its advantages to limelight. This app is easy to install and use. You can

share a funny image and you can be certain that it will get deleted within just 10 seconds but you

should be careful about what you are sharing. Although the messages, images and videos get

deleted, yet there remains a chance that your friend might take a Snapchat screenshot and make

your Snapchat pics viral.

things to know about snapchat -things to do in snapchat
things to know about snapchat -things to do in snapchat

Make the most of this fun app

• Edit pictures with filters

If your camera app is not equipped with a good quality filters, you need not worry as

this android app comes with filters which can help you to accentuate the quality of your

filters. You can also add text in any font size with special text. You can also activate the

dynamic visual filters in this app. You can also make the most of visual filters which

come in black and white in a vintage style.

• Replay an image

The hidden replay feature of Snapchat aids in viewing an image for second time. In

order to activate this feature you need to go to the settings option and then manage and

verify replay.

• The vintage black and white ink

You can access white brush in this mobile app by touching on the color strips and then

dragging it to the left. You may also use the black ink by holding the color bar and drag

it to the right bottom of the screen.

• The new font of Snapchat

If you are bored with the vintage look of the font in this android app then, you can add a

little drama by changing the font.

• View who snaps the most

If you click on the icon on the right bottom panel and select the name of friends, you will

be able to find the name of your 3 friends sends snaps to most of the people.

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