Now the finger is pointing towards Snapsaved app-they call me smiler

Why Snapchat app is in news?

Snapchat needs no introduction, after the extreme level of both positive and negative

publicity it gathers from global users. The name of this messaging app is now quite popular

around the world. The storm that it has driven is still now affecting the media. Photos and

videos shared through the app were leaked in a site, including videos of child pornography.

The manufacturer of this instant photo sharing app claims that, the images and videos which

are shared through it evaporate from the phone screen as well as from the memory after few

seconds. The time limit can be set by the sender of the image. And no one can recover the

photos and videos because it disappears from snap chat server as well. And like other social

networking app, it also whispers about their strong security system.

All the promises made by the manufacturer of the app proved to be completely fake and

the users have to reimburse due to their folly. As now it is clear that the snaps which were

claimed to be disappeared, actually does not and were stored. It is supposed that the hackers

were gathering the snaps for years and they blasted the bomb creating a huge buzz and

thousands users of snap chat are trembling due to its aftershock.
They Call Me SmilerThey Call Me Smiler

The authority is accusing a third party app

The security of the user of this app is now under the cloud of doubt. The official of the

app claims that there is a third party app in the market which can save the images shared

through snapchat app before the images self-destruct them and they have a big doubt

that, Snapsaved app has done this offensive activity and there is no folly of their security

system behind it, they continue saying that they are always working upon updating their

security system. They also claim that they have already warned their user not use such a third

party app for the sake of security. And due to the negligence of the user such massacre has

happen. According to some estimates, it is clear that more than 260, 000 users security was


Does the authority take any strong step against such violation of data?

The authority of the app tries to remove all the stains from their name by claiming it’s not

their fault if the user own self share the login details with other party, but the authority did

not take a single step to remove such third part app from the market. They have no headache

about the bleeding effects, though due to Snapsaved apps their reputation is hampering to a

large extent. From this silence of the authority now the doubt is arising into the mind of the

user, that it might be possible, the offensive event were actually designed by the manufacturer

of the app to gain publicity. Now the company claims, that they are working with Apple and

Google to remove those apps which use the API of SnapChat.

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