The Student Friendly Snapchat App by jhena_love

Snapchat the gen-next app allows the users to send the snaps within a fraction of seconds. It is

basically a video messaging app. It was created by Evan Speigel and Bobby Murphy. Evan

Speigel was the major product designer. They brought along Reggie Brown to help them develop

the app more sophisticatedly. Thus the birth of Snapchat took place.
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Snap Spam:

Shortly after its famous December hack the Snapchat organization received many complaints

about the snap spam. The complainant sated that they received a number of snap spam that

ranged from a number of pornographic videos, nude pictures, pornographic ads, dietary and

weight loss ads to be the lucky winner of the sweepstakes. These floods of attack had the ability

to crash the app user’s phone or send them a virus. Jamie Sanchez a Spanish security researcher

claimed that he forwarded1000 messages to reporter’s iphone within 5 seconds making the

device to freeze and making a reboot obligatory. Because Snapchats uses tokens to authenticate

users rather than passwords scammers are able to use these tokens, which are created whenever a

user updates its contact list, add a friend or send a snap to friend or to simultaneously send a snap

to a 100of friends. Sanchez suggested that this was a result of poor response to the push

notification request. According to reports Snapchat had been aware of this spam since August

2012 and had even published a report or a blog post called Snap spam (EW). In that post the

organization acknowledged that they received a million of complaints about the spam things.

They also said that these spam snaps were a result of multiple snap sending by individual having

multiple Snapchat account. The Snapchat organization also claimed that the organizations were

working hard to provide a long term or permanent solution to these spam issue and preventing

them from entering the from the user’s newsfeed. In the mean time they also advised the users to

change their privacy setting. On January 2013 they also published an apology on their blog

saying, “We want to apologize for these unwanted spams and let you know that our team is

working to find solutions to resolve these problems. As far as we know this is unrelated to the

find friend’s issue we experienced during the holidays, to emphasize that the snap spam was

unrelated to the recent data breach. The blog also stated that the attacks were a result of fast

growing services and offered to find solutions to manage spam.

Uninvited Trouble For Snapchat:

The Snapchat organization has always maintained that they the photos or snaps and videos which

they send through their server that is through their application always gets deleted within a time

limit of ten seconds. However their claims were rattled when leading publications named Forbes

published that all of the Snapchat claims are not true. They said although the snaps get

disappeared from the company’s server they are not lost forever. The snaps and videos sent

through the Snapchat can be retrieved with a little technical knowhow. And sometimes can be

reproduced with the help of proper forensic tools.

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