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World Of Apps – Deleted Snaps That Are Not Really Deleted

So you thought that the last picture you deleted from your social messaging apps won’t appear

anywhere, anymore and that it’s gone for forever. Well, then you could be in for some surprise.

We are surrounded by apps that offer free messaging services and quick transfer of pictures and

videos. Popular Youth social messaging app, Snapchat recently admitted that the photos, videos

or messages in the form of texts, users send to their controlled list of users via the application

does not get absorbed into the air, entirely. They keep floating over the internet.

Snapchat is a an social photo messaging application that let users send or receive videos, pictures

and drawings to the recipients who can view these Snapchat videos or pictures for only a short

duration (only a couple of seconds) after which they are concealed from the recipients device and

deleted from the Snapchat servers.

Snapchat in legal issues with FTC over Claims that it Deceived Users

Developer of a well known mobile messaging app, Snapchat agreed to settle claims with Federal

Trade Commission over charges that it misled its users with promises about evaporation of

Snapchat pictures and messages on action of deletion. However according to FTC, Snapchat

failed to deliver its promises and misrepresented about its privacy, security settings and data

collection practices.

In the original complaint filed by FTC, it said that there were many ways a Snap chat user could

recover deleted pictures and messages.
the rodeo bull cumin 2 town I am the Batthe rodeo bull cumin 2 town I am the Bat

Security breach or mere ignorance

The FTC accused Snapchat of secretly collecting private information from users through

its “Find Friends” facility, which accesses contact information without permission of the account

holder and was termed as a security breach that allowed hackers to obtain personal information

of the users such as user name and phone numbers using Snapchat for android and iOS.

On the other hand, Snapchat neither admitted nor denied but agreed to settle claims and said it

would be more forthcoming about privacy with users. It acknowledged that there were many

ways users could save a friend’s photo that is supposed to “self-destruct” about a few seconds

— by downloading third-party apps or taking screenshots. According to Snapchat, it deletes

snaps or chats from its servers after the message is opened, but admits that people can still take

screenshots of messages giving base to the allegations made by FTC.

The settlement does not include penalty in the form of fine. Snapchat also agreed to implement a

privacy setting which will be under observation for 20 years.

Founder of another private messaging app says that deleted snaps usually prowl on servers

somewhere so the programs have to be tighter.

Brand building exercise

This has been a major blow for the social messaging app giant and it is working on rebuilding

its image. It released a statement on its website acknowledging mistakes and promised on

fixing their privacy settings. They assured to become more alert and precise with their users on

communication, in the future.

In the FTC’s official press release, Edith Ramirez, the chairman stated that a company with the

primary USP of privacy must make and sell it’s products keeping this in mind too. The FTC’s

decision will raise the bar for privacy-enhancing technologies.

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