The newly launched discover tool for news sharing on Snapchat by shannn3lizabeth

Snapchat, the hottest photo sharing app which has hit the markets with a bang has got hotter with the introduction of a new feature called news sharing through discover. Well, the photo sharing app lacked this feature and you couldn’t share the news with your friends. The stories used to remain posted in the wall but you couldn’t share it to friends, even inside the app. Well, it seems ridiculous when a messaging app doesn’t have the feature of messaging the news to friends. So, finally the developers have decided to add the feature and now you can share the clips of the news stories along with emoticons and comments by the newly launched discover feature within its news portal. The feature is very much similar to the pictures and videos you send on the app. So, the developers have kept in mind the needs of the users and taken care of the feedbacks and launched the new feature.

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Importance and feedback of the news sharing feature in Snap chat

Now, talking about the importance of the feature and the results of launching it, the users are obviously very happy and it is an extremely useful feature as sharing of news among friends is the basic fundamental on which the other social networking web sites like Face book and Twitter have become successful and popular. In the news feature, each news post has a link which is in app and which will link to the original story. So, by the discover feature, the users can easily snap back and forth, thus sharing the clips and also conversing among themselves. There is also a facility to comment on the news where the teens will find it easy to comment on the news post. This is an innovative idea of launching this kind of feature on Snapchat. So, it will again bring a lot of attention and will attract a lot of new users. It also has completed the snap chat as a complete messaging app with the feature of discover in the news portal.

Now, along with the good feedbacks, there are also a lot of negative feedbacks of the newly launched discover feature. If you compare with the regular messaging feature where you can easily check and read the messages sent and can reply to them, the discover feature is not so simple and the app may also have a hard time in bringing back the interests of the audience. According to a recent survey, the content of the discover feature is most likely to reach some one million snap chatters a day to the maximum. But that is very less compared to the overall of one hundred million users of the app Snapchat. In reality, there is also a drop in the viewership after the launching of the discover feature. So, there is a need to rethink on the feature and also to bring o some possible updates on the feature. Mainly, the viewership needs to increase and for that, shares are needed. So, there is a need to think seriously on the matter for the developers.

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