Should Snap chat be trusted?-The hangover

Snap chat is a free online social media. In a word it’s all about a mobile app. You can share

pictures and text and videos with certain security bells as they vanish after a time period

automatically. So there’s hardly any fear of leaking your pictures. You can publish or post your

photos within your desired circle. If you want you can set a time of viewing those pictures. After

that those will no more be there saved in the server.
The hangover

The hangover

The hangover

Who uses snap chat mostly?

This is a popular messaging app among the age group of 13 to 30. People above 40 also do not

dislike using it. It is rather a very funny app for all age group. People mostly share selfies or

self portraits to their friends. Surveys show that most of the snaps are transacted between single

users. Hardly few snaps are sent to groups. That group chat is also a privilege of snap chat users.

Marketing potential

The marketing potential of snap chat was published in 2013 by Vocus Company. The young

generations of US were considered to be the early users of snap chat. This brand, according

to Vocus can establish a profile by adding its customer in the friend list of the users. They can

provide suggestion friend list to the users to develop faster.


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