The Fun In The Pocket App – Snapchat

Snapchat the latest videos and photo sending application can rightly be said as the fun in the

pocket app. Because being a mobile application this app goes with you wherever your phone

goes with you. This application is very simple to use and helps you stay connected with your

friends almost every part of the day. Its lightning fast speed sends your snaps almost in a fraction

of second. All you need is an android phone with the latest version of Snapchat downloaded and

installed in it.
alone… seeking for fun… snap me now…

How to download and use sanpchat?

Snapchat can be very easily downloaded from the iTunes store or the Google Play Store free of

cost. After downloading this app you are required to have a registered Snapchat account. For this

you first have to enter your email address, then your birthday and lastly your contact number.

They may even ask for your facebook account so that they can help you find your friends

through facebook who also use Snapchat.

Adding Friends On Snapchat:

Adding friends on Snapchat is very simple and comprises of two ways. First you can directly add

them from your mobile contact list. This can be done by just scanning your contact list and

adding those friends in your list.

Adding Friends From Your Contact List:

When you have downloaded the Snapchat app and installed it. Then create an account for

yourself. When you have a registered Snapchat account in your name, then you are ready to use

this app. Now after finishing all these procedures when you open the application the first thing

you should see or should come on your mobile screen is the camera section. When you have the

camera screen on your phone, then you have to swipe the screen. When you swipe the screen for

the first time you will see the “My Friends” section. In this section you will be able to see all

those friends that you have already made on Snapchat. Then swipe the screen again. When you

swipe it you will see the “Find Friends” screen. And if you don’t have a touch screen phone then

you can get there by typing the button that looks like a person next to the “+” in the top of the

My Friends screen. When you are finished with this the next thing that you have to do this tap

the notebook tab on the screen. You will find this on top of the screen it looks like a notebook.

When you find it click on it. After clicking on the button Snapchat will give you a brief

description of its privacy policy before scanning your contact list. Do read the terms and

conditions carefully. When you are satisfied with it then click on the “CONTINUE” button.

When you have clicked the button, Snapchat will present before your scanned contact list.

Besides every name in the list there will “+” sign. Click on those plus sign besides every name

whom you want to add in your list. After doing this a purple mark will appear indicating that you

have added the person as you friend in your contact list.

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