The Famous – Snapchat and the future of marketing

The most interesting feature of Evan Spiegel’s emails that were seeped out in the Sony

Pictures hack was the illustration of his changing point of view of Facebook. Originally

Spiegel was not an admirer claiming that the revenue that is collected by Facebook was

dependent upon the VC-financed app install advertisements. And here with the disagreement

of the feature he is focusing upon in bringing upon the conventional norms of commercials.

Does the future of media is related to Snapchat at any points?

A whole library of controversy is already taken place about Snapchat and the forthcoming

prospect of the media that will be represented by it. According to few tech experts and

marketing advisers while it comes to advertisement Snapchat believes upon the conventional

norms of TV marketing, and in such respect the marketing strategy of snap chat is being

attributed as old fashioned. At the abstract level the concept of media never changes, it just

evaluating with time, actually the technology has faced real change and the media is enjoying

the development of technology which help the ad creators to realize their actual goals in a

better way. In the era of 1920 radio was the most pervasive media of promoting, at the later

period with the advent of Television, it took the place of radio and now being one of the most

powerful technology snap chat is leading in the race of being the best alternatives of TV

advertisements. Snapchat is the latest form of television- mitigating its high assessment- it is

the present location for a particular form of youth-targeted advertisements.

What are the contributions of snap chat in the evaluation of media marketing strategy?

The contrivances of the media platforms of today’s world have virtually been optimized

to fatality on the promotional side. If you sit to search for a particular product on any e-
commerce sites you will see behavioral tracking commercials that will manipulate the users

to close the process of purchase. The eeriness of the backlash has inspired the present trend

for indigenous advertising, which can be hypothesized to disrupt the consumption experience.

The entire industry has been emerged to help the sales person as well as the retailers are

focusing upon perking up their conveying style and the media technology- they are just

focusing upon the next prospect of presentation not communication. And now snap chat is the

ideal platform for building up the necessary man to man relationship that coerces subscription

as well as audience engendered revenue.

Now let’s take a look, what are the features that snap chat has in its sack that can be offered

to the investors-

• Approximately 200 million active users and most of the users are in between the age

group of 18-24 and day by day the number is increasing. (Inspite of facing so many


• The immersive ads which can be viewed by the users by holding their fingers on the

screen and the brand can be assured of the fact that their ads are coming into the focus

of the targeted audiences.

• And the users can be reassured of the track that not single information is tracked.

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