The Famous Bby – Marketers are making the best of snapchat application

Marketing for a brand is very important and most of the brands take to social media platforms

for the promotion of their brands as it is the easiest and the most successful way to achieve the

goal by the marketers. They generally prefer to use the platform catered by the social media sites

because those sites promote the brands instantly. The brand owners prefer immediate and fast

marketing for their brands and there is another option for this and that is Snapchat. Maybe there

is not a single even better a platform than this social networking application.
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What is the difference between social media and social networking?

There may raise a question on the difference of social media platforms and social networking.

Social media ate those hugely enable the users to upload photos from statues and everything

else of their lives and a social networking site or application is that what only helps to improve

the contacts between different people. The application what is being discussed here is a social

networking application. That helps to maintain the touch with other in your contact list and it

helps for the promotion of the carious marketers for their products.

Marketing via Snapchat app:

First let us pay our kind focus on what is this application all about. This application is meant

for sharing photos with friends and with other family members and so on. Snapchat photo

is not stayed on the mobile of the users. They get vanished with time. Because there is a time

setter on the app. Users can set the time on the each photo they share with their contacts. The

time range starts from 1 second to 10 seconds. There are questions asked often by the users that

how to snap chat? To answer the question here is a succinct elaboration placed for the users.

The application is very easy to handle. All a user has to do is to click the image and send to the

selected contacts. And for the purpose of security of the users, they can set the time on. After

a certain time, the photos will go into vanish permanently. And the marketers are taking the

advantage of it hugely. Many of the marketers, be it a small one or a bigger one are taking the

privilege of it. Recently it come to the knowledge of all that an ice cream retailer has started to

do the shop’s marketing by posting their photos and sending them to the users. Even it came to

fore that the company has announced free coupons to those who would post their photos with ice

cream on the application. People for this offer has clicked and send their and friends pictures to

others in order to grab the chance given by the company.

Behind the scene and preview of the product:

The promotional fact has no longer been limited to photos only but there is an option for

snapchat video and people are making the best of the spared opportunity. There are other

available options like people can capture the moments behind the scene or they can preview the

product beforehand.

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