The changed user interface and exciting features in Snapchat

Finally the social networking app Snapchat has added some feature which will surely make the users thumbs up. The app has some 100 million daily users and this new feature will now surely give thumbs up as according to the feature, they will no longer have to keep on holding their thumbs to the screen for checking the Snapchat pictures and Snapchat videos. The user interface of the app has been a “press and hold” one for viewing the pictures and the videos shared on it. But according to a recent change, the user interface has been changed to a “tap to view” one which allows the viewer to use less of their thumbs and also a less stress on the thumbs. It is a remarkable and also a very big change in which the whole user interface will be changed. The users will no longer have to keep pressing their thumbs on the screen and can easily view any story by tapping. Before, it used to result in a tired thumb and also a lot among the 100 million daily users to be habituated to the practice of keeping the thumb pressed to the screen. It will be much easier and also very much relaxing way of viewing the stories.


The possible changes and the feedbacks to the new feature

Well, as per the earlier trends, the Snapchat pictures required the thumb to be pressed to the screen for a small time, the Snapchat videos also used to be short ones which didn’t require the user to keep pressing to the screen for long. So, the user interface didn’t result in so many complaints and the most of the users got used to it. But according to the recent inclusion of the video reports from the partners like MTV, Vice, Cosmopolitan, etc. the lengths of the videos have increased and that has also resulted in the user interface being a problem for many users. So, the developers have finally decided to bring in such a revolutionary change and relieve the thumbs from a constant strain.

Now, according to a recent update of the app, there is a 2 factor authentication while logging in to the app. It is basically a security up gradation to increase the security of the account of the users. Now, that will also stop the hackers from getting easy access to the account. In fact, the hackers are sure to have a hard time after the 2 factor authentication was launched in the latest update. But according to the history of Snapchat, most of the hacks have been occurring due to the third party apps that are used by the people for logging into the app. So, that has to be taken care of.

According to another new feature, the users can add a photo in the middle of the snapcodes, i.e. the codes which can be easily exchanged within the friends for following each other. That is also another very important feature and the new feature will be liked very much, especially by the youngsters.

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