the bloke is very handsome fact ha-Snapchat Is Unable Secure The Privacy For Advent Of Cyber Crimes

Snapchat is one of the popular apps that are going popular every day. The app has adopted

excellent marketing facilities through which the unique services are reaching the users. The

users love the uniqueness of this photo sharing app. The Snapchat is fast on the features offered.

Anyone who loves taking selfies and sending then to friends randomly will love this app. The

app allows you to take the photos and send it to the person in the contact list. There are many

apps that offer image sharing but there is something in app that is making the app popular.

The uniqueness of the app

The unique thing of the app is its feature of the disappearance of the photos. Before you send

the photo you will be given the option to give caption to the photos and the send it. At the left

corner there is the timer that you can set. As you click on the timer you will be given option from

1 second to 10 seconds. If you chose the 10 seconds the photo will remain in the sender’s mobile

for that particular time. The photo time will start to count only after the receiver views the photo.

As the photo is viewed after tapping and holding the timer will start. After that specified time the

snap will automatically get deleted. The Bloke Is Very Handsome Fact Ha The Bloke Is Very Handsome Fact Ha

Photos getting hacked

The app has been popular among the teenagers but now there is a threat that is advancing. There

are cyber criminals who are leaking the photos that are being shared by the Snapchat. The

photos are getting deleted but before that the photos are being used by hackers. Most of the

photos that are hacked by hackers are found to be pornographic. This involves the crime of child

pornography along with cyber crime. The point initially was to send a photo and then it will get

disappeared. Thus the teenage couples are using this app to share the personal images which are

later getting hacked. Among the 100 million active users 50% of the uses are from the teenage


The result

The accusation is thus going to the Snapchat authorities. People are claiming that the app is

promising the disappearance of photos but are actually hacked by hackers. There are assumptions

that the servers through which the photos are getting saved are being hacked by professionals.

This is the reason large numbers of photos are going viral in different websites of the internet.

The images that are available in the websites are of available for public viewing and even can be

downloaded. This is such a threat to the privacy of the users.

There are talks that the third party apps that are the reason of hacking. They are taking the

snapshots of the photos and are spreading in the internet. Investigation is going on the matter.

Even the usernames and passwords are getting hacked. In spite of all these the app is not at all

losing the popularity. The authorities of the app say that the app was created for sheer fun and is

now used for other illegal purposes which are not the responsibility of the company.

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