The Application Of The Season- Snapchat Jenette

Snapchat the latest and probably the fastest app has taken over the world by a surprise. It has

found its ardent users not only among the teens, but also among the middle aged. Its flash second

snaps sending capability of this application has found quite a number of admirers. Despite of so

many features this app has always found itself at the wrong side. Snapchat users have started

using Snapchat’s enhanced feature for some or the other wrong purposes. This application was

created basically to help send photos and videos at a lightning speed to a controlled list of

recipients. However nowadays people are using it for some other immoral purposes.

Misuse Of Snapchat:

Snapchat the video and snaps sending app is now being used for wrong purposes. Teens are

using it to send derogatory content about their peers just to defame them. Many people of the

Snapchat group have confirmed that they have received vulgar content on their Snapchat account

from some unknown persons. Vulgar content can be described as the objectionable content such

as sex photos and videos pornographic videos. Photos of nude girls and the so famous sexy girl

snaps. Nowadays people have also started using it for a thing famously known as “Sexting”.

Sexting On Snapchat:

Sexting is basically having talks related to sex in the form of texting therefore the name

“sexting”. Sexting is the sending and receiving of sexual photos and videos through the Snapchat

server. The main advantage of doing sexting on Snapchat is that all the contents get disappeared

from the users device within ten seconds. And this also primarily the reason of Snapchat being

the favorite of the people in cases like sexting. Although parents have accepted sexting quite

normally and as a part of their child’s growth years. They think that it can actually help their

child in his /her sexual development. But researchers have warned that the prolonged and the

unchecked use of the child’s exposure to all this kind of application can rob our children of their

childhood. They also stated that children would become mature way before they are supposed to


Other Problems Related To Sexting On Snapchat:

Although teens think that the send snaps gets deleted within ten seconds of viewing them, they

freely send embarrassing photos in this social networking site. But that is not the case at

receiving end. The person at the receiving end has ample time to take a screenshot and circulate

them on the internet. Before even the snaps actually get deleted. Also the receiver can take a

snap from someone else’s device. Imagine your embarrassing saved on someone else’s device

and things which he could do with those snaps without being caught. This is also one of the

major problems that Snapchat faces.

Parents should be very careful in letting their child use all these kind of application. They should

try and keep a watch on their activities. Because if their child gets involved in any of these

internet addictions, it would be very difficult for them to take their child out of it.

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