thank you you are too kind snap chat unleashed-Different Business Ventures And The Success Of Snapchat

Snapchat has become the wildly popular photo sharing app that does not follow the

conventional features of the photo sharing apps; it is being considered as the fastest growing

app of America. Especially the youth generations of today’s world prefer this app for its

unique features. Recently the developers have included a latest feature naming it as channels;

the term is both apt as well as misleading, as this is not like the channels of the television.

The materials that are available are only videos; the change that most of the videos face is the

inclusion of introduction page most of the time animated along with music and this part can

be replayed. Unlike their rest of the features the channels are really easy to access.

With the launching of Snapchat Discover the publishers have found a new way to publish

their content on the social media sites. This new feature allows the marketers to sponsor

stories directly and exposing their name infront of the younger audience and marketers are

considering it as the brilliant way of conveying message directly to the targeted audiences.

What is the perspective of Daily Mail-
According to one of the spokesperson of this esteemed organization they are planning to

utilize the platform for posting two updates at a day, one will be in the 3p.m and the time for

the other slot is still now under discussion stage. A team will choose two vital contents from

the tons of 800 stories every day. To them the site gives a never ending scope of experiment

from the presentation of headlines to photographs. And also the statics of the site helps them

to determine the style and form that are liked by the larger number of audiences.Thank You You Are Too Kind Snap Chat UnleashedThank You You Are Too Kind Snap Chat Unleashed

What is the designed plan of Vice?

Vice is emphasizing importance upon pulling stories from the verticals and to update once

in a day, stressing upon both the video and text content. The vice content for this platform

will not only be the latest but the best as well. Vice was already publishing mobile content;

hence it is natural that they will join in the journey of Snapchat discovery as well. With the

hope to reach to larger audience they are focusing upon the younger generation who might be

unfamiliar with this publisher.

What is the game plan of Cosmopolitan?

They want to generate items that can be consumed by the users within a little period of time,

the articles will be posted daily at 8 a.m. will contain videos and featured articles. if the plan

works well they will post two times a day. Victoria’s Secret and Sperry is sponsoring the

channel of Cosmopolitan in this platform.

What is the perception of Fusion with Snapchat discovery?

They will post five stories each day that will be selected by the editors. Each story will be 10

second long and will contain appropriate content for the platform and will focus on their best


More and more organizations are getting involved with this platform and soon broader

utilities will come into use as well.

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