test3-Snapchat Pictures Getting Leaked By Third Party Interference

Snapchat is the mobile app for massaging with pictures that has created a lot of buzz. This is

for the security reasons and thus the FTC has taken measures against the charge that says that

the app is deceiving the customers with fake promise of disappearance of photos. The FTC

has stated the company of Snap chat is deceiving the customer’s personal data. The snaps are

being collected and shared in the public forum that is against the security quotient of the app.

The Snap Chat has failed to secure the way of finding a friend through the app. The FTC has

given allegations against the app and has even claimed a lump some money as punishment of

breaching the security promise.

The buzz of controversy

It has been seen that the teenagers are the group that are very much being affected by the

security breaching procedure of Snap chat. The ids and passwords are being exposed and thus

there are problems related to the security of each account. The photos that are being leaked

by the Snapchat are mainly through the third party apps but the FTC has found that there are

drawbacks in the system of Snapchat itself and thus has been considered guilty of the task. Since

the beginning of the apps there were lot of questions of the photos getting leaked but there never

had been such hype. The FTC is very much concerned this time as a lot of teenagers are getting

into it. The photos that have got leaked in different leak photo forums are mainly nude photos.brown-contemporary-family-roomnuuthin4

Teenagers and their involvement

The reports suggest that the leaked photos that are mostly nude are of teenagers. This proves

that teenagers are getting involved in sharing such explicit photos. They are able to do it at such

higher rates because the app is promising them disappearance of the photos. But the reality

is something else. Teenage couple are sharing private photos among themselves in assurance

the photos will get deleted but unknowingly these photos are being introduced to the public

through different third party apps. Thus the teenagers are unknowingly getting into the trap of

pornography and nudity in the internet.

The company’s call

The part that is concerning most is the work is done without the consent of the users. FTC

believes that is hampering the privacy of individuals without consent and that is illegal. The

authority have the say that from the very first moment the photos were said to be stored in the

company’s site and will only be deleted from the mobiles. Although this statement does not

prove the company is innocent. Measures should be taken by the officials to ensure the inside

officials of the site are not doing the task of re-sharing photos for higher amount of money.

In spite of the entire buzz against the app, Snapchat has still secured a good position among all

the other apps. Teenagers are not being careful and the market of the app is not much affected

with the exposure of the wring sides of the app. The popularity of the app has reached to such an

extent that people are not taking it seriously and only considering the news as part of negative


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