tell i am pretty retreve and review snap-Snapchat- Controversies And Success Stories

Snapchat is one of the most popular iOs and android app and it is especially popular among

the teens and the young generation. As the company promise to provide a complete private

service, believing upon their sales pitch most of the users have employed the platform for

sexting via sending pictures that are fully contained of sexual elements. Apart from that as the

company convince their customer that the images will be disappeared within or less than ten

seconds and will not be saved in the recipient’s device or any other servers so they started to

use it massively for sexting. But unfortunately their promise regarding privacy and security

fall into the face and as a consequence thousands of pictures are leaked in a website and the

private moments have come into public. You will be surprised to know that mostly the young

generation had become the prey of this ugly incident.

Who was responsible for the gaffe, third party apps or Snapchat itself?

Many social media experts have blamed the company itself for this; they said there is a

huge gap between their sales pitch and the reality. If you take a closer look to the terms and

conditions and understand the inner meanings, things will be clear to you. In the privacy

policy they have mentioned that they cannot employ any guarantee over the fact that deletion

will be occurred within the specific timeframe. Hence it can be said that there can be a

contribution of the company behind this blunder though the admin of the app has already

tried to throw away the accusation from their shoulder and wanted to impose the blame over

the third party app of Snapchat. According to their statement, users having third party app of

the main app had become the prey of the hackers hence they tried to remove those third party

apps from the app store after discussing with the authority board of iOs and android. And

they have become successful in eradicating those third party apps. But still now most of the

experts blame the company for that shameful incident. Hence users are advised not to use the

platform for sharing most private images and to use the app cautiously.Tell I Am Pretty Retreve And Review SnapTell I Am Pretty Retreve And Review Snap

Overwhelming success inspite of being the subject of scornful controversy

But the interesting fact is that inspite being the subject of scorn for many people the

popularity of the app is surging day by day. As per a recent report it is being used by more

than 50 million users and in the recent funding session they have raised huge amount of fund

in cash, aside from day at a regular interval they are promoting and introducing new features

in the app in order to engage the users more. And it is an undeniable fact that few of the

features are quite promising and after the developers have introduced advertisements to the

app many company are nowadays utilizing the platform to reach to the younger generation.

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