tallguy624 – Snapchat, the easiest and quickest communication.

Snapchat is becoming a trend among the youngsters as well as middle aged people. It’s

simple, advanced and interesting features and easy accessing has won lots of accolades from

the customers. Snapchat is a social networking site that allows the fastest mode of

communication. It allows you enjoy sending your images and videos only at one click. The

best feature of Snapchat is you do not have to search for your friends and family separately. It

goes like this that once you have created your Snapchat account it will be automatically

linked with your contact list.

How is Snapchat different from other social networking app?

It’s a great fun to use the Snapchat app. You can click and share all your moods with the

person you wish to at any time of the day. And the best part is you can use this app all for

free. Besides all the facilities, Snapchat has limitation. It is that the people having

smartphone can only enjoy this app. It works on all android and iOS phones. So if you have

smartphones than simply download the Snapchat app and start communicating and sharing

your pictures and videos. Snapchat assures that you are definitely going to enjoy this app.

Privacy and policies: Now when we talk about sharing pictures and videos the first thing

that strikes our mind is security. We all consider images and videos to be a personal matter.

Even when it can is professional image or video, there comes a line of confidence. No one

wishes to share any personal or professional details to those whom they do not find enough

trustworthy. Hence this sharing of images and videos has to circle among the reliable people.

Snapchat is aware of this fact and it values the privacy of its customers. Hence it has

introduced timer for the image and videos as security parameters.

According to this, before you are sending any snap or video to a person you are given a

chance to set timer. This timer enables the means of security. According to this the recipient

can view the image and video till the time limit set by you. This means you are sharing your

images but still it is governed by you. After the allotted time to any message through

Snapchat ends up, the message vanishes. It does not even get saved in any file. That means

the recipient loses the access to your sent message. So feel free and enjoy the Snapchat app.

Problems and their solutions: We know every advantage comes with a disadvantage. Same

goes with Snapchat also. Every technology has certain loop holes, and these are main source

of malfunction and illegal activities. Since Snapchat automatically updates the contact list

hence all the registered number shows up. Taking the advantage of these, people use it to

harm the privacy of others. But the good news is you can avoid such nuisance. All you have

to do is whenever you are viewing the notifications click on those messages sent by people

whom you know. Do not open any unexpected message. This can help you save your privacy.

So no need to worry; just enjoy the app.

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