taking snapshots on snapchat and want to snapchat-A detailed study on the application Snapchat

A photo messaging app has changed the total scenario of the world and the society. Before, I the

primitive age, we have to write letters and thought he medium we used to maintain our

communication with our near ones. Gradually that place got replaces with telephones, then

comes the mobile phone service and this is now the age of social media networking. But the

social networking site, their popularity and their businesses are under threat of one Smartphone

application. We all know about the app snapchat. It is called a miracle application for its

performance. The photos we send to our recipients get vanished after a certain period of time.

What is snap chat and what kind of purpose does it serve?

Many of us still have no idea about the function of the app or they know it very vaguely. You

should know about the app as it can add it to your help. There are various feature of the app. It is

no longer has limited to being an app for sharing photos and videos rather it has become a larger

medium for all, especially for the teen generation and for the young adults. They are taking great

advantage of it. Let us first take a look what snap chat is and how does it function. The app

snapchat is an app where you can share photos with your friends and family members and live

the moments of happiness together no matter how far you live from them. For the sake of

security, the app has a new process with the help of which you can set the time for the deletion of

the photos. Yes, you read it right. The photos will get automatically deleted after a few seconds.

Even, in fact, the recipient will not be able to take a screen shot of them. Because the app will

send you an instant notification if someone from your recipient try to take a screen shot as to

send threat to your privacy.
Taking Snapshots On Snapchat And Want To SnapchatTaking Snapshots On Snapchat And Want To Snapchat

It is the time to move forward:

Now it is time for us to move forward to something greater about the application. You can get

daily news here on the app. You can listen to music on the app as well. The owners of the

application have developed some features that are completely unbelievable. Many social

networking sites have tried their hands to buy the app but the company has denied selling it to

any other company. Now they are looking forward to the greater revenue in the coming future.

To earn more revenue, what is to do is to sign he endorsements with bigger names or the brands

in the advertising world. And that is exactly the app is doing in the present. We came to know

about that the app has signed up a several stipulation papers as to ensure the deal between several other advertising companies with them. Now it is to see that how much can they earn by these endorsements in the future.

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