take me a-How The New App Snapchat Came Into Being

Snapchat is the application is widely used in homes of teenager to send photos to one another.

Other than sending the photo one also has the liberty to set a time. The time limit is from 1 to

10 seconds. After the time the photos get expired. Users can thus be assured that the photos

that they are sending are not remaining in the phone of the receiver. Thus the users have the

freedom to send dome unusual and silly pictures. These photos if shared in the other social media

websites will be available for public viewing. But with this app the photo can be send privately

and that too fast and the best part is that it will be deleted.

The History

The app was founded by Booby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. They are both students of the

Stanford University. The students believed that the emoticons did not have the ability to share

the emotion that easily. They wanted that could be much like the flavor of the emoticons and still

be much more realistic. The photos that are clicked on cell phones often capture sudden emotions

that cannot be shared always in the social networking sites as that will be there for public. The

photos might be downloaded further and that will be breaching the privacy of personal emotions.

From here the concept came of create a software that will share the photos just like massages.

But the condition was to delete the photos after viewing. Thus came the idea of photo shredding

automatically after a time.



How Snapchat works

The Snapchat is downloaded in the mobile from the online store. You have to register yourself

to use the app. The user name and password is to be given. The username should be unique and

then you will be able to use the app. The app after registration will show you the contacts that

are using the app. You can send the other users the photos then by using the feature. You can

take the photo and the option to edit is provided. You can add a caption or even add doodles on

the picture taken. You have to then select the friend that you want to send the massage you can

select more than one friend at a time. Before sending the snap you will see that the left bottom

corner there is the timer. As you click at that area there will be options of 1 to 10 seconds.

The timer can be set according to one’s wish. The receiver gets the photo with that timer. The

receiver will only be able to see the photo till the time you have set for the snap. After that time

the photos will be deleted automatically. This form of smart massaging started for those who

wanted photos instant and quick for capturing all.

The app is perfect for all those who just love to take photos and send it randomly. The people

who do not have the need to save those hundreds of photos and then work in deleting it all will

use this app that will self destruct photos.

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