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Snapchat Warns Users Of Risky Third Party Application

Of late Snapchat is facing problems in the market. It has warned its users of risky third party

application and even be aware of hackers. It has been hacked few times in the recent years

and other several issues have cropped up even. Users have claimed the company for this kind

of breach of contract when while downloading the application it is strictly mentioned in thye

agreement that your privacy will be secured.

How the leak of images have happened

Snapsaved, a third party Snapchat application is mainly responsible for the hacking and leak

of images. Due to this, company is bearing is heavy looses. But they have acknowledged that

users will never have to compromise for this. They are looking for genuine causes checking

their servers which were also hacked.

Snapchat has huge customer base and being so popular and enjoying such huge community

base various third party has cropped up to provide extra benefit and additional services. They

often ask for login credential and even mention that your account and password will be kept

in privacy. In spite of declaring such a statement against the law they take this opportunity to

use your login ids and password and hack your messages and photos. Hence it will act as a

warning for not downloading any application apart from mainstream Snapchat although they

have flooded the market with innumerable offers.

The company is striving to make up its looses and has declared that although the hacker has

hacked 500 MB of images for a searchable database, but the server and security have been

improved in such a way that the hacker cannot work with those images. The purpose of being

hacked has not served.
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Advice to all Snapchat users

It is strictly instructed to all users that never download any third party application in spite of

offering additional services. Never use same user or password for all application. Then there

is more risk associated. Once the hacker knows about your ID & password and if it is same

for many of your accounts there is high risk of leaking all your accounts. So from next time

be cautious of your user id & password.

Question of security

Hackers have vehemently posted all the hacked information on a website called

SnapchatDB.info and the owners of this website claim that this has been strongly done to

force Snapchat to fix an ongoing flaw in their security process.

Many secret files, photographs are privately kept. Secrecy of the matter is prime concern for

any company. When Snapchat cannot meet up expectations of the people it cannot reach

up to the mass. Hence mass appeal has not been achieved by Snapchat. Mainly because

of unsecured privacy issue, it has been voted as unreliable and many users are now-a-days

reluctant in using this application. It puts them into vulnerable situation to the other person

with whom they are chatting. To get relief from these awkward situation users are coming

out of Snapchat community base and finding other instant messages cum photo sharing


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