Sweet Boy-Who Is the Real Culprit behind the Leaked Pics- Snapchat or the Third Party Apps?

Are you an avid user of Snapchat? Do you believe that the photos and videos you share are

destructed forever if the recipient is not taking a screenshot of the photo? Snapchat was dubbed

as teen app for its popularity among the teenagers who love the fantasy of the disappearing

photos. They consider this platform to be safe and secure than other apps as all their personal

pictures are destructed after a stipulated time but the news about the leak of Snapchat pics and

videos in many online sites have disillusioned the users and made them speculate over the fact

that whether photos and videos shared ever get deleted or can be recovered somehow.

Speculations regarding the leaked pictures

Many speculations circulated throughout the world about the leaked pictures. According to some

critics, the personal pictures and videos shared by the users do not get deleted at all while some

believed that the security of the server of Snapchat was breached which resulted in Snapchat

leaked pictures. Initially it was apprehended that the leaked pictures are saved by taking

screenshots by the recipients but the leak of 13 GB of private pics and videos has given rise to

the speculation that the hackers have managed to hack the numerous photos and videos from the

servers of the website.


Prevention measures of Snapchat

A representative of Snapchat later clarified that there was no breach in security of their servers.

The massive leak of the Snapchat photos and personal videos resulted from the wide use of

the third party apps by the users. They asserted that using third party apps was completely

against the terms of use of the social networking apps and people using these third party apps

have violated the terms and conditions laid down by the app. The Snapchat team asserted that

they keep a vigil on the app store and Google Play to monitor the third party apps and they are

endeavoring to remove the use of these illegal third party apps to prevent such an incident in the

near future.

The role of the third party apps in the leak

Snapchat was valued an amount of $10 billion for the breach of private information of the users

which leaked the private data of the users such as contact numbers, usernames, etc. However,

Snapchat managed to settle it with FTC on the misleading claims that the picture and video

messages do not disappear forever. Snapchat claimed that it was done through the third party

apps and was not the result of breach of security of their app. Third party apps like Snapsave is

being blamed for the hacking of the pictures but the app cease to exist now. Users had to give

their username and passwords of Snapchat while logging in to the third party apps. The third

party apps are believed to hack the personal information of the users along with photos and

videos shared and received.


Speculations still exist whether the leaked photos were the result of breach of security of the

Snapchat servers or whether the third party apps were the real culprits. Whatever the case may be

but Snapchat is still a hit among the teenagers.

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