sure is-Snap chat declines three dollar offer, as it feels it is a very small value for their messaging app.

Snap chat is one of the unique photo messaging app that is known for sharing photos and videos

temporarily. It is available for free on android and i-store. But because of the previous

controversies raised on this app it is believed that this app will no longer be used by users. But

nothing of that sort happened. Snap chat attracted many users in fact it has increased its photo

sharing no. from 200 million to 350 million dollars. It is more popular for its unique feature of

sharing a photo for 1 to ten sec. when a user sends a photo from one recipient to another he has

to enter the time limit from one to ten sec for which the user is able to have a look at that photo.

After the time limit the photo gets disappeared automatically.

Invention of this app.

As the features of this app are unique so unique is its invention. A student named evan spiegel

studying in standford university once thought of inventing a app that shares photos and videos

temporarily. And he decided he will make that app. So he and his friend bobby Murphy invented

snap chat. Now none of his friends regret to share secret photos with him as they have the trust

that no one will be able to see them after the required time limit. This feature helps users to share

all intimate and secret photos amongst each other. This app did a great business in its initial years

but after the hack there was a little decline in its business but now again it is doing a great

business.Sure IsSure Is

Snapchat declined 3 billion dollar offer

The growing popularity of the app made the inventors all the more confident that they declined

the 3 billion dollar acquisition offer from facebook. The co-founder of the next generation

messaging app this huge cash offer in order to attract more investment from the investors. They

wish to earn more investment for their unique app. This two year old app has many unique

features and they want value for all these unique features. The text messages shared here gets

disappeared after 10 seconds. This feature is not available on any other app like facebook or


Snap chat looking for more offers.

Snap chat is in search for more better offers that will pay best for therir unique app. They want

value for money. They need price for their uniqueness. And in search of that price they are

declining the offers crossing their paths. Many offers from google, facebook and twitter have

been turned out by the founder of the app as they felt that their app is not balanced with the right

price. They are in search of many best offers that will repay the uniqueness of their app.


Snapchat messaging app is the next generation app that entertains teens with many unique

features. Despite the flaws associated with it. It is a very popular app among youngsters to share

their secrets. So this raised the confidence of the app founders and they now wish to have more

value for their app. And in search of that offer they are turning down other offers that comes up

in their way.

snap chat

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