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If we think about a kid’s point of view, Facebook and Twitter are like the forbidden territories like that

of LinkedIn for adults. But the intricate politics of these social media sites may not baffle the grown-ups

any more instead make them cautious; but they can very much scare away a kid.

Also kids always love to be kids. Though in this age of materialism, it’s hard to remain a kid for longer

than necessary, but like an adult a kid is also fiercely protective about, which only an ephemeral app like

Snapchat can give.
Supper SnapchatSupper Snapchat

Why kids don’t hook to Facebook anymore?

There are many reasons for which Kids associate Facebook with same formality and unfriendly-ness, as

adults view LinkedIn.

• Facebook is literally the playground for grown-ups right now. So it’s very normal for a child

to get stifled in it, while the adults around, are always busy sharing their own views and


• Also now most of the kid has one or many family members present in Facebook and supervising

on the child’s social media activities.

• Many times, a kid gets bullied or victimized in peer group or school about what he/she posted

in Facebook. Even it has been occurred that a youngster is denied a job in a company due to

the ‘inappropriateness’ of his/her content in Facebook profile.

• Also contrary to the adults, kids don’t think much about filtered and heavily edited images

that Instagram and Facebook have the facilities for. Kids love to capture spontaneous and silly

moments, upload them in Snapchat in a jiffy, share them with friends and once it gets deleted,

move on to next.


Once upon a time, Snapchat was tagged a mere photo-sharing app. But now it has been emerged as an

ephemeral, visual communication medium. No doubt those children around the worked are lapping up

to it.

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