Superman Ninja-Promoting of brands will become easier with Snapchat

Snapchat is now considered as the rising star in the spectrum of social media app and if you

by the study that was held in the middle of 2014, then near about 100 million people are

engaged with the app now and with each day the number is increasing. It is hoped by the

users that soon it will surpass the previous users records hold by the other popular social

media apps. The tiny, cute icon of Snapchat has been brightening up the screen of the users

with its presence.

Booming up inspite of refusing the association of Facebook, the biggest star of social

media app

The business is still now solely running by the actual developers and originators and it has

rebuffed the offer of Facebook, at the end of 2014 Facebook offered $ 3 billion for buying the

service to the developers of this ephemeral messaging app but Evan Spiegel decided to turn

down the offer as he was planning for something bigger. As per the opinion of the experts the

developers have taken a wrong decision by refusing the offer of Facebook but after watching

the recent activities of the developers it is would be not an ostentatious statement if I say that

the plan is really a pompous hit.
Superman NinjaSuperman Ninja

Its features are all-inclusive scope for the marketers

This is the first social media app that is creating comprehensive stage for the advertisers, who

want to connect to the users. Unlike other social media app it has created and introduced

features for the brands that are akin to come in touch to the active users’ base. Through the

help of the features the brand can interact with the potential customers and convey their

message to the audience with more effective way.

What is the importance of Discover in the domain of publicity?

Through the Discover the users can view latest stories from some news sites and all of them

are pepped up after 24 hours. You may ask what is the specialty of the features, few other

social media apps also lets the user know about the recent stories and events that are posted

by the pages of the news organizations. The rest of the social networking sites are engaged

in putting in the picture those stories which are most read by the users but here the developers

have counted upon the decision and selection of artists and the editors, like a TV channel they

have the right to choose the most significant news. Well this feature may not directly

facilitate the marketers but it is supposed to be a significant step in the method and unlock the

potentiality for more branded content in the near future.

Where the scope of utilizing Discovery is still now limited, the Ghost is here to facilitate the

brands directly. This features opens up immediate scope for the brands, synchronizing with

the content of the logo every existing user of Snapchat has unique Ghost QR cipher. The

brands or the users are just required to capture the screenshot of that personal code and post

it. For following the crowd just need to tap that icon.

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