Snapchat Bangs the Digital World with Its Iconic Ghostface Chillah-Superman man

Snapchat has established itself as one of the most popular mobile apps with unique features since

its inception in 2012 by Reggie Brown and Evan Spiegel. Snapchat rapidly gained popularity

with the teenagers who were enthralled by the vanishing feature of the photos and videos they

shared. The digital world was blown over by teenage selfies, sexting; snapchat leaked photos

and leaked Snapchat videos. The leaked celebrity pics added fuel to the world of paparazzi.

But have you ever thought about the icon of Snapchat? Unlike other social networking sites,

this social platform features an icon instead of a text which is similar to the silhouette of a ghost.
Superman manHaha

Do all the images and videos appear and disappear forever just like a ghost?

The fun feature of Snapchat is that the images and videos disappear within seconds from the

screen of the receiver. Its fun sometimes as you can share funny photos and videos which appear

and then disappear forever from the screen. But your friends can make your videos and snaps

immortal by taking a quick Snapchat screenshot and upload it in Snapchat leaked. Your snaps

will not only be immortal but can be viewed by people throughout the world along with your

username. You can be famous overnight for your funny and creative streak featured in your

photos and you might end up making more friends. So, keep on snapping with your friends and

if they take a screenshot, you can be famous in the Snapchat leaked forum but be very aware

about what you share.

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