sup snap people hacked keaked-Snap chat become a matter of serious worry for college students

Snap chat the online social app for free video and photo sharing since it has come into

existence. Now this app is in question for forfeiting the privacy of college students. Snap

chat always make false promises to its users and students and children always fall into its

trap and regret for the results. This time what happened was out of all happenings as college

students shared their most private photos on this app believing that after the specified time

their photos elapse from the app. But still nothing of that sort happened and the photos and

videos thus shared came in public and destroyed completely the image of students appeared

in those photographs.

The night photos has been exposed in public shamily in no time thus keeping their parents

and family members in utter despair and distress. When students were known of this truth

they were completely shocked as they have never thought that something of this type would

ever happen as their blind trust on snap chat has been broken into pieces. They can now no

longer trust this false and liar app again in their life.Sup Snap People Hacked KeakedSup Snap People Hacked Keaked

Snap chat has disappointed the college and school students always .Every time they forgive

the past of what all happened and commit an error of believing in the app and the result was

same for every time as they only have to suffer and nothing else results in their hands. This

app never fulfilled the expectations of its users. The disappointment suffered by them got

increased every day. This app has given utter disappointment to its users.

Parents have faced utter disappointment with this app. Although their children and kids are

also involved in the scandal but they have never ever thought that their private lives will be

exposed in the public. So this app need to be striked out from app store and i- store as early as

possible for the safety and security of upcoming generation.

FDC also claimed this it liars as they have never fulfilled any legal formalities ever. They

have claimed this app illegal and warn users to use this app. They said this app is a mere

waste of time none of its functions are up to date and up to mark. All the functions run sort of

some or the other programming. None of its functions work to the best. Neither the time

elapsement function nor the contact number secrecy function. None of the functions are up to

mark. This snap chat has become a matter of serious worry for college students and children.

The sexting has caught other wings with this app.


Hence snap chat is called one of the falsest app. Many critics have called this app liars. The

app user’s regret after using this app as this app never came up to its expectations. They have

always broken the promises of its users. College student’s personal life is exposed with the

negativities of this app. This app has completely ruined out the future and life of students.

Parents and family have faced utter disappointment with this app.

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